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We have access to the broadest range of technologies in our industry. We have the option of Satellite, ADSL, FTTC, Leased Lines, MVMO 3&4G Mobile & Microwave Link for access to the Internet.

Event Wifi Mast

We can distribute your internet connection across your event site using Wireless Repeaters. We ensure the right people are connected in the right place.

Our Trailers come complete with a 15 meter mast, so not only do you save on hiring us a porta-cabin, you don't have to hire a mast either.

Need to connect a PDQ or Cash Machine? We can provide Wired connections across your site without having to dig in cables or Fibre. Each repeater site can provide Wired or Wireless access and only requires a very small amount of power.

Event Wifi Mast

You choose how you would like to control access to your network. Open will allow anyone to connect regardless of who they are. Password, applies a simple password like your home WiFi, good for keeping the public off but remember the password can (and will) be shared around. Voucher allows you to keep tight control of who has access and how much they can use.

Using Vouchers or Online purchase options you can charge people to use the service, a revenue share system works with this service, ask us for more information.

It has become more popular for events to offer free WiFi in exchange for marketing data. We can install a "Captive Portal" system for this and even provide customisable space for advertising and logo's.