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Whether you are in a fixed office or a marquee in the middle of a field you can have an 01 or 02 number from any UK location, even the area code of a different location.

We can provide just one handset for your event control or any number of handsets to keep your event site in contact with each other. Internal calls are free and don't tie up your two-way radio channels.

Event Wifi Telephone

We can provide these handsets either over an Internet connection provided by us or yourself or we can utilise the mobile networks and still provide the same service of internal extensions. Many events mix the two connectivity types using the local Internet connection for most handsets but a mobile based handset for hard to reach locations.

We can provide off site handsets on the same internal system so you can seamlessly integrate your permanent office or home workers.

If you can draw a flow chart of it - its possible with our PBX solution. Voicemail, Menu Options, Ring Groups and On-Hold Music to name a few.

Event Telephone Handset