Royal Cornwall Show - 2019

Internet & CCTV Services for The Royal Cornwall Show 2019. -

Event WiFi & Communications Ltd will be providing Internet & CCTV Services for traders across the showground.

This is a Pre-Booking Service Only

    Internet Service....
  • High speed fibre to the mast internet.
  • Your own router on your stand.
  • Speeds of up to 40mbps depending on your location on the showground.
  • Upload speeds of up to 5mbps.
  • Lower contention premium service available.
  • Standard Service - 180
  • Premium Service - 220
    CCTV Service....
  • Pan & Tilt Cameras
  • 10 x Zoom
  • Remote Recording means Thieves cannot steal the recorded footage
  • Remote Viewing on your laptop via a web browser
  • View on your Mobile Phone - App Charge may Apply
  • Single PTZ CCTV Camera - 180
  • Dual PTZ CCTV Cameras - 220
  • Also available Card Machine Hire In conjunction with Wireless Terminal Solutions. Connected to our onsite network this Card Machine option will ensure you are able to reliably process transactions no matter how congested the mobile networks become. A Bluetooth teminal which allows you to move around your stand whilst still cabled in to our network for a robust connection. Includes delivery and installation on your stand. 75.00 when selected as an Add-on.

    Card Machine Hire

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