Frequently Asked Questions

What are the power requirements for your trailers?

Trailers, 1,2 & 6 require 16amps single phase delivered on a ceeform connector. Trailers 3 & 5 require 32amp single phase delivered on a ceeform connector. All 230v AC.

How much space do your trailers take up?

Larger trailers are about the size of a transit van, smaller trailers will still require the same amount of space to allow the satellite dish to work.

How much power will your kit around site use?

Very little, about the amount a mobile phone charger would use. Typically we plug in to 13amp sockets where they are available.

Will all devices be compatible?

We use only equipment that is standards compliant; so long as your device is compliant with the relevant standards you should be OK.

Does your kit require 24hour power?

Usually yes, please discuss with us if this is an issue.

Is satellite as fast as a landline internet connection?

A single satellite connection can download as fast as 30mbps, however because of the distance the data must travel, a problem called latency exists. In short, if you are visiting normal web pages it may feel slower however larger downloads will be fast.

Why do we not just use 4G?

Mobile networks suffer congestion at busy events, if you run a successful event away from a city centre its likely the speed will drop or disconnect altogether.

Can we have an engineers mobile number?

Yes, however please remember that we employ a team of people to look after you, if you are only calling one person you might not get answered straight away. Your SLA does not apply if you call an engineer direct. We recommend you use 01242 304489 to report any issues.

Is there a data limit?

Always, whoever supplies your internet connection. Your limit will be displayed on your quote. If we offer an “unmetered” connection then its subject to fair use and as you use more data the connection will get slower.

Ive paid my deposit, when is the final payment due?

Usually 2 weeks prior to us arriving on site, however your quote and invoice will show this information.